Today, the protagonists are women

Throughout the centuries, women have made a significant contribution to every field of knowledge: education, science, fashion, literature or political activism, and in very different contexts. The legacy of their names, voices and achievements have enlightened society in the past and will continue to transform the minds of future generations.

For our 8th grade students, they are also inspirational role models to follow and have expresses what they most admire about these emblematic women, who broke barriers and marked important milestones in history. Clearly, this list does not include all of them, but among those that appeared are:

Marie Curie Margaret Thatcher Coco Chanel Simone de Beauvoir Sally Price Angela Merkel

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), our students had the opportunity to inquire deeply into these women´s lives and managed to eloquently convey, through their presentations, how they have had a notable influence in different historical events for humanity.

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